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A smart answer to a global need.

In the midst of a global decentralized financial and technological market, many currencies are emerging. A new cryptographic project is being developed using blockchain technology called Thronus.

Thronus will use an update through Forks, which are sets of updates that the code of a cryptocurrency receives. It is a kind of "bifurcation" that enhances the currency protocol. It is a facilitator of transactions and exchanges. Therefore, THR will be a payment method for Fork.


All safety and privacy coming from a decentralized blockchain, through inviolable cryptography.


Your transactions without bureaucracy and with virtually instant validation, providing practicality and effectiveness.


ICO Start 11/July
Maximum Amount THR
Start Sale 0.10 USD
End Sale 0.25 USD
Maximum Sale 950.000.000 THR
Blockchain Fork BCH

Road Map

Know THRONUS strategies, launches and future projects.

July 11th and 12th
1st ROUND (for $0,10)
2nd ROUND (for $0,15)
July 13th and 14th
July 15th and 16th
3rd ROUND (for $0,20)
(Final round for $0,25)
July 17th and days after
Thronus Promotional Event
August 20th - September 10th
September 10th
October 10th
Recognized in Official Websites
November 10th
November 20th

Facilitating exchanges, negotiations and transactions.

To fulfill the functions of the currency, Blockchain technology will be essential. This technology is a transparent network, working with an extremely secure chain of blocks (used for financial transactions, for example), that develops solutions for all types of business, presenting high performance and agility for your system.

In the case of Thronus ICO, we will use our own Blockchain technology, based on a Bitcoincash Fork as a facilitator of currency exchange, negotiations and transactions. This Fork will bring great practicality and possibility of growth to the Thronus currency.

What is an ICO ?

ICO (Initial Coin Offering) is a mechanism used to finance the development of new cryptocurrencies. It can be considered as a crowdfunding (collective funding with multiple sources).

Therefore, we offer a solid, highly technological and very well planned project that will provide a practical and effective solution to a global problem, exchange rate and international negotiations, we offer THRONUS.


Thronus Coin emerges as a proposal to provide ease and safety in its respective mining, bringing more clarity for those who want to act in the cryptoasset market with conventional computers. The system uses the TMR code (XMR Fork) chosen to act in a way to stop the creation of specific chips to make the mining calculation.

In this way, with such accessibility in its mining, the cryptocurrency Thronus Coin aims at the exponential growth of its circulation, with the consequent increase of the earnings of its users.